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Author: Softspecialists
Date: 02/23/2021
Size: 4.10 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10|8|7|Vista|XP
Downloads: 7897 times

Small Utilities Suite is a collection of 74 portable command-line utilities.

Small Utilities Suite can be a bit overwhelming at first. There’s a utility for just about anything a tech could need, and you do need some familiarity with the command prompt. You can type help within the command prompt for a list, as shown in the screenshot. We admittedly got a little lost once or twice after testing commands, but it’s worth it for the advanced user.

You can optionally look through all these utilities separately and download only what you want here.

Here is the list of included utilities at the time we listed Small Utilities Suite:

AddPath (67.6 KB)
Add or remove a path to the %PATH% variable. With this utility, you can add or remove a path in a search path.

ASCII (44.7 KB)
Create and display the ASCII character table and codes.

Ask (41.8 KB)
Querying a user input from the console. It offers timeout, default value, and more.

Bases (42.3 KB)
Bases is a Windows console program that performs a rapid base conversion. It shows the number in binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal bases. You can choose the input format (base), and as a result, you obtain all the previous listed bases.

Beep (31.9 KB)
Beep is a Windows program that plays the optionally specified alert sound through an audio card or computer speaker.

BootCopy (57.1 KB)
BootCopy is a Windows native program that will let you smoothly perform a file copy while Windows is booting.

Bundle (0.2 MB)
Bundle lets you put a bunch of files into a single executable.

ByteCopy (33.7 KB)
ByteCopy is a lightweight program based on NT native API for quickly copy a file up to 1000 TeraByte.

CCalc (52.3 KB)
Perform calculations from the console or batch file. Besides the traditional operators are available advanced mathematical functions.

CDG (78.1 KB)
CDG is a Windows program that will let you temporarily change the default gateway with just one click, start your favorite web browser and restore the default gateway to its previous value as soon the browser has closed.

CDOpCl (44.8 KB)
CD/DVD Drive door opens and closes. Check your CD player’s status even remotely with this program because you can open or close the door of the CD/DVD drive.

Char2Code (31.7 KB)
Display the corresponding code of the given character.

ChgScreenRes (49.7 KB)
Change Screen Resolution. Useful for change the screen resolution from startup folders or scheduled tasks.

ClearClipboard (51.0 KB)
Clear the clipboard contents.

ClipCase (66.9 KB)
ClipCase is a Windows program for quickly perform case conversion of clipboard data. It converts UNICODE or ASCII clipboard text data to upper or lower case.

CloseWin (46.3 KB)
Shut down or restart windows. Shut down or restart windows on a local or remote PC. The shutdown process could be stopped.

Code2Char (32.1 KB)
Display the corresponding character of the given code. It can also be used as a decimal to the hexadecimal converter (and vice-versa).

CPUId (29.7 KB)
Display some processor related (CPU) information.

CreaFile (17.1 KB)
Create a disk file and fills it on the fly. Quickly create a file with the size that you give to the command line. Useful for system and file transfer testing.

CreaPass (71.6 KB)
This application may help you to create a strong password.

CSID (58.5 KB)
Quickly retrieve the computer’s security identifier (SID).

CSViewer (63.6 KB)
Display files in the comma-separated values format (CSV). It can use comma, colon, semicolon, and TAB as a separator. Also, it can load column headers from the first row of the file.

CSVInfo (50.0 KB)
Display information (like numbers of rows and columns, separator character, and others) about a given comma-separated values file (CSV).

CSVReplace (50.6 KB)
In a CSV file, replace the fields (columns) separator from one to another, replacing the semicolon with a comma.

CSVSort (55.6 KB)
Sort comma-separated values file (CSV) using a column index as a pivot. The sort mode can be ascending or descending.

Dir2XML (28.0 KB)
Sends DIR output to XML file.

DNFWVD (25.7 KB)
DNFWVD is a Windows console program that lets you quickly discover which .NET FrameWork versions are installed into your computer up to version 4.0.

DTCalc (107.8 KB)
Do simple calculations with date and time values where the valid date range is between 1601 through 30827 and time use the 24-hour clock convention.

EMail (56.5 KB)
EMail is a Windows console program that will let you send mail messages directly from a command line smoothly. You can attach a file, load the message body from a file, and create the activity log file.

EmptyBin (41.2 KB)
Quickly empty the recycle bin. Quickly empty the recycle bin with or without confirmation, progress bar, and sound.

Error (50.7 KB)
Translate an error number into a description. With this utility, you can quickly display the error description from the error code.

FindWindow (45.3 KB)
Find a window by text (caption) and class name, return the system handle and optionally flash the window and bring it to the foreground (activate and give the focus).

Folders (61.2 KB)
Folders enable you to explore the Windows special folders quickly.

Hash (0.1 MB)
Hash is a program for calculating (and optionally verify) an MD5, SHA256 hash, and CRC32, LRC checksum.

InfoBox (66.4 KB)
InfoBox is a Windows program that will let you display a “toast” message box (AKA Messenger like popup windows) with an optional timeout.

InPrivate (47.1 KB)
Keep enduring Internet Explorer 8 InPrivate Filtering settings. You can choose and save the IE8 InPrivate Filtering settings in a permanent mode.

Int2IP (44.8 KB)
Converts an integer value that represents an IP address into the classic dotted string.

InUse (47.2 KB)
Display files opened on a network mapped drive. It is quite similar to the OPENFILES /Query /S myserver command except that it shows the file using the mapped network path instead of the server local path (share physical path).

IP2Int (44.1 KB)
Converts a classic dotted IP address string into its correspondent integer value.

IsAdmin (34.1 KB)
Discovery if the current user is an administrator. With this utility, you can easily detect if the current user is an administrator.

IsCon (28.6 KB)
Retrieves the local system’s connected state and optionally also checks if a connection to the Internet can be established (in this case, an URL must be provided).

IsInUse (48.5 KB)
Detect if a file is used (opened). It works on both network mapped drives and local drives.

Log (19.5 KB)
The Log.exe is a Windows program for writing any message into log files. If the log file doesn’t exist, it will be created. Date and time are automatically added to each row.

MACAdr (0.4 MB)
Show the Media Access Control Address for the local or remote host.

Micry (52.2 KB)
MiCry is an innovative way to handle your data privacy security due to its encrypting and decrypting data, where the method used by encrypting the data became an “algorithm sequence” that sounds like another password. A brute force attack on decrypt data before breaking your password should detect the algorithm sequence.

MsgBox (42.5 KB)
MsgBox displays text in a pop-up dialog box from the batch. Displays a modal dialog box that contains a set of buttons and a brief text message.

NCSKeys (44.0 KB)
Enable, disable, or toggle the lock keys status. With the NCSKeys.exe utility, you can quickly change the NUMBER, CAPITAL, and SCROLL lock key status.

PCLock (40.6 KB)
Quickly Lock Your Computer.

PrgmStat (50.2 KB)
Scan your computer and analyze the programs found. Scan and catalog your application programs.

RegError (60.4 KB)
Scan the registry and search for errors on keys and values.

RenEx (44.7 KB)
Extend the RENAME command. With this utility, you can quickly archive your file, adding a timestamp in various filename location.

RunLater (48.3 KB)
Runs programs sometime later. Reads programs list from a configuration file (runlater.ini) ad execute il according to the delay specified. Ideal for putting it in the autostart folder.

ScrPwrSv (31.8 KB)
Turn on or off the monitor and optionally activate the save screen.

SendKeys (54.6 KB)
Sends one or more keys to an active window.

Series (24.4 KB)
It creates and displays some well-known numeric sequences (series like Fibonacci, prime numbers, etc.) that can be redirected to the file. Now the total number of numerical series handled is nineteen.

SFDT (51.6 KB)
Set file date and time. Works on the creation and modification and/or access date/time.

ShellEx (45.0 KB)
Executes shell actions like OPEN, EDIT, PRINT, FIND file, and EXPLORE folder.

ShellOp (43.6 KB)
Performs some operations on files like COPY, MOVE, DELETE, and RENAME using the shell functionality and its characteristics such as animation, undo, recycle bin, and more.

StartStop (56.2 KB)
Displays system start and stop.

SysRstPnt (0.1 MB)
The System Restore Point utility helps you list, create, and delete the command prompt’s restored points.

SysUp (50.2 KB)
Retrieves the time that has elapsed since the system was started, up to 49.7 days (or above if runs in Windows Vista).

Times (30.7 KB)
Display time with seconds, milliseconds, and elapsed seconds from midnight.

TSS (68.2 KB)
Take a screenshot and save it to a bitmap file.

TxtA2U (47.0 KB)
TxtA2U is a Windows console program that quickly converts a text file from ASCII to UNICODE.

TxtReplace (50.9 KB)
In a text file, replace all occurrences of one with another string. The text file can be ASCII or UNICODE type.

TxtRowCount (51.2 KB)
Count the lines contained in a given text file. It supports both ASCII and UNICODE text file formats.

TxtU2A (46.8 KB)
TxtU2A is a Windows console program that quickly converts a text file from UNICODE to ASCII.

UnlckCHM (45.6 KB)
Quickly unlock (or lock).CHM files downloaded from the Internet.

Wait (52.0 KB)
Suspend the batch execution and wait for some time. Suspend the batch execution and wait until the time-out interval elapses

WakeUp (18.1 KB)
Turn on machines in a local area network. It requires the MAC address of the target PC.

xDir (18.8 KB)
List files with string file information (if available).

Xor (34.7 KB)
XOR is a lightweight program based on NT native API. It can quickly encrypt a file up to 64 TeraByte showing progress. The encryption is performed using the simple xor operation.

download Small Utilities Suite

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