download Slitheris Network Discovery (formerly Network Scanner) 1.1.296

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Author: Komodo Labs
Date: 10/31/2020 08:42 AM
Size: 5.66 MB
License: Freemium
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 28838 times

Slitheris Network Discovery is an advanced scanner that will quickly provide you with comprehensive information about your network and so much more.

This scanner goes above and beyond most by really digging deep for information and providing it quickly. It is capable of scanning a multitude of devices in a flash and gives you more than just the run of the mill MAC Address. It goes as far as detecting and identifying your OS and device type in addition to using proprietary TCP/UDP OS fingerprinting to detect operating systems like iOS and Android, and Windows, with over 80% accuracy.

Slitheris Network Discovery accurately finds pingable devices via standard multi-threaded ping sweeps as well as detecting un-pingable hidden devices using ARP pings and various other advanced discovery technology. It is even equipped to identify real case-sensitive PC names for Windows computers and servers.

You will find that this scanner will fit the bill for most home users, home offices, and organizations with tiny networks and a free option for those with more extensive networks.

Slitheris Network Discovery Features:

  • Find Unpingable Network Devices
  • Go Beyond Ping Sweeps With ARP Pings & IP Probes
  • Operating System Fingerprinting
  • Detect Windows, Linux, iOS , Android and More
  • Device Type Identification Hints
  • New Experimental Device Type Detection
  • Better Device Name Detection
  • More Device Names Means Less Empty Space
  • 100% Free IP Scanner Included!
  • Best results of any free network scanner!

Free for up to 50 devices, then is $0.76 per device (256 minimum), $0.30 per device for a minimum of 1000 or unlimited devices for $395.00.

download Slitheris Network Discovery (formerly Network Scanner) 1.1.296

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