download Secret Disk 2020.05

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Author: Yuri Saprykin
Date: 11/18/2020 11:21 AM
Size: 2.21 MB
License: Freemium
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 41132 times

Secret Disk can create an additional invisible disk on your PC, which you can quickly lock with a password within seconds, allowing you to keep your confidential files and folders secure and invisible to prying eyes.

There is no need to format your hard disk or make any changes to the boot sector. This program will automatically create a new disk very quickly. You can store any files and folders on the disk. Secret Disk works as a usual hard disk and compatible with any other programs which you have installed. You can have more than one secret disk, and you can also choose a disk letter.

In the case of a power outage or fatal Windows error, your personal secret disk will be locked and become invisible automatically because the information is stored in the virtual memory. Secret Disk does not encrypt any files; it just limits access to your files (you can use a password). The software ties a virtual disk to your files, and this will provide you enough security to hide your files from any person.

Free version limited to a single 2 GB database, no tech support and displays Pro upgrade nag screens. Pro version price is $14.95 and includes:

  • Create a virtual disk for database
  • Your secret disk will appear as any other disk in Windows. No need to format your hard drive, your secret disk completely virtual.
  • You can choose the disk letter
  • Optional password protection
  • You can protect disk with a password or you can leave it without it.
  • Power failure
  • Your secret disks will be automatically hidden during reboot or shutdown (including power failure).
  • Auto-hiding of disks
  • Your secret disks can automatically disappear if launched screensaver or you log off Windows.
  • Open disk on startup
  • Any of your secret disks may be automatically opened on Windows startup.
  • You can turn off PIN
  • Access to the program also protected with PIN code, and we provide an option to disable it.
  • System tray agent
  • You will get system tray agent for convenient access to all functions of the program.
  • Password under pressure
  • Security option. If used, it opens empty disk (instead of real one)
  • Quick help
  • Priority support during working hours by e-mail
  • Disable updates
  • You can disable automatic search and new version notification


download Secret Disk 2020.05

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