download SCleaner Lite 0.6 Beta

Author: TheShrewdGamer
Date: 01/23/2021
Size: 253 KB
License: Open Source
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 461 times

SCleaner Lite is a portable app that allows simplified cleaning of your machine.

SCleaner Lite is displayed through a single-window interface that provides preselected areas for cleaning to help you keep your machine clean and optimized in as little as two clicks. The interface is broken down into three sections; the most prominent is Must Clean. Here are the areas that tend to provide the most effective cleaning and optimization bang for the buck, like Obsolete links & Shortcuts, Windows Event Log, etc. Selections are made via a checkmark. You can also clean up the items in the ‘Also Be Cleaned’ section that includes Recycle Bin items, Old Prefetch, etc. Once your selections have been made, you hit scan. SCleaner then displays the total items and size for those areas. Last step. Hit Clean.

SCleaner Lite is straightforward to use and doesn’t contain numerous selection items making it an excellent tool for the novice user. Still, it does enough that even a more experienced user can benefit since it is quick and portable.

download SCleaner Lite 0.6 Beta

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