download Save Code for Chrome and Firefox

Author: thiscodeworks
Date: 01/20/2021
Size: 110 KB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 780 times

Save Code for Chrome is a useful extension that will permit you to save and organize your working code snippets.

This extension will be a perfect addition for developers or for users that are learning how to code.

Save Code for Chrome is for saving a working piece of code, eliminating the need to search for it when needed.

It works by allowing you to save code snippets that you find on the web or useful webpages. Having an organized collection of working snippets will help you with coding and saving time (no need for debugging since you know it already works). Just click the “save” button below the snippets or select text from anywhere and right-click to save. You can organize your code in collections and access it anytime.

Save Code for Chrome is hosted on to help save & access your code from the cloud across devices and requires a free account.

download Save Code for Chrome and Firefox

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