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Author: Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd
Date: 01/18/2021
Size: 62.0 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10|Android
Downloads: 3011 times

Samsung Flow seamlessly permits apps to share your activities across your devices; this ensures that the hardware best suited for a particular activity will be the one that does.

Samsung Flow is designed to provide you with a secure, connected experience across your supported devices. You will be able to authenticate your PC/tablet with your smartphone and share content between devices, sync notifications, and view their contents from your smartphone on your PC/tablet. Samsung Flow also tackles connectivity by offering the ability to turn on your smartphone’s Mobile Hotspot so you can keep your PC/tablet connected. You can additionally login to your PC/tablet with your biometric data (Iris, Fingerprints) if you register with Samsung Pass.

Samsung Flow is a solid choice for users that need to switch or transfer files/content between devices frequently.

The following devices support Samsung Flow:

Windows Tablet/PC: Windows 10 OS Creators update (V1703) and June patch build (15063.413) (Galaxy TabPro S, Galaxy Book, Galaxy Book2. Galaxy Book S, PC)
Android Tablet: Android Marshmallow OS or newer (Galaxy Tab S6, Galaxy Tab S5e, Galaxy Tab S4, Tab S3, Tab S2, Tab A (2018, 10.5), Tab A2, Tab Active 2, Tab A 10.1, Tab A (2017))
Android Phone: Android Marshmallow OS or Newer
It may not be supported by some models, depending on the smartphone specifications.

* Samsung Flow will operate only on official software released by Samsung Electronics.
* Windows: Bluetooth (Bluetooth LE optional) or Wi-Fi/LAN, Wi-Fi direct

download Samsung Flow

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