download Router Default Password 1.1

Author: Sordum
Size: 415 KB
License: Freeware
Requires: Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
Downloads: 5974 times

Router Default Password is a freeware, and portable app to get the username and password of your router and make it a clickable link.

Most of us rarely need to access our router settings. So it’s not unusual for us to forget our router IP address or change routers and forget again. Using Google to type in your router name and default IP and password is simple enough, but techs and IT people who do this frequently will appreciate the simplicity.

We tested it on two different computers, and it was able to determine our route IP and make it a clickable link. We’re not sure where the username and password are unless we know the brand of our router, so that seems pointless. If it could detect our router as well, that would be something. Since we had to walk over to our router to find the brand name, searching in Google remains faster, or we’re already looking at our router with all the login and password information.

Eventually, we did find our router name and found there were ten different models listed with different passwords and this is again where Router Default Password comes in handy if you know the model number.

Under the Menu, you can Refresh, Change, or Rest the list, and jump to Windows network connections.

We don’t really see the point of this for home users. As mentioned, if you can find your router brand and model, then the rest is easy to find since it can’t tell you what router you have. It attempts to fill in a niche, one we think might be better geared for tech and IT personnel.

download Router Default Password 1.1

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