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Author: Ron’s Place Apps
Date: 07/01/2020 07:46 AM
Size: 4.60 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 2047 times

Ron’s Data Cleanser is a free utility that permits you to automize the cleaning of data files as well as source jobs.

Ron’s Data Cleanser is designed to update and clean a data source (for example, CSV files) through the use of Cleaners, making the process more efficient. Cleaners are made up of a list of operations that can be built, saved, and applied to a data source as required. The preview window makes the comparison of the original data with the processed data very clear. Ron’s Data Cleanser also includes a batch processing capability. This allows 100’s of data files to be processed in seconds, making cleaning a whole directory fast and efficient.

Using Ron’s Data Cleanser to create operating rules (the Cleaner) is simple – define the source, format, and output (the Job), combine and run.

Ron’s Data Cleanser Features:

Jobs: set up of data sources, formats and destinations

  • Jobs files can be stored with the data (if the data is in a directory), or separately if needed, and run at the click of a button or from the command line.
    Cleaners: set up of cleaning rules to process data
  • One or more Cleaners can be created, named, saved and re-used with multiple Jobs as often as needed.
    Rules: the list of operations to perform on the data
    Numerous columns, rows, and cell operations are combined easily within the cleaner. See List of Rules below.
  • Loads data from multiple available sources
    See Source and Destination Information below.
  • Outputs to multiple formats
    Source and destination formats can be configured for simple file conversion. See Source and Destination Information below.
  • Quick Job
    An alternative window for quickly setting up a cleaning Job. The Quick Job can even be saved as a full Job.
  • Preview Screen
    Essential for building cleaning tasks. A clear comparison of the original data with the processed one.
  • Log files Output
    Essential for finding errors on large files.
  • Full control over text format
    Full-text encoding supported: Utf-7, Utf-8, Utf-16 and Utf-32 (both big-endian and little-endian), with automatic detection.List of Cleaning rules
    The (growing) list of available data operations in Rons Data Cleanser is shown in the table below.
  • Column Processors
  • Update Column(s)
  • Copy Columns
  • Move Columns
  • Delete Columns
  • Merge Columns
  • Split Columns
  • Row Processor
  • Add Row
  • Delete Row
  • Cell Processors
  • Add Text
  • Add Random Text
  • Pad Text
  • Remove Text
  • Replace Text
  • Reverse Text
  • Add Space
  • Remove Space
  • Add Numbers
  • Remove Numbers
  • Replace Numbers
  • Add Date Time
  • Replace Date Time
  • Change Case
  • Split Name
  • HTML Encode
  • HTML Extract
  • Fill Lookup
  • Lookup Replace

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