download rhiimoot 4 Spotify

Author: Locusmare
Date: 03/07/2021
Size: 1.33 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 1228 times

rhiimoot is a portable app that allows you to control Spotify and more, through a low-profile interface.

Instead of continually jumping back to the main interface of Spotify to jump to a track or pause, etc., rhiimoot provides you with a sleek and small interface to take care of most functions needed to enjoy your tunes. It has a few customization settings like themes and OSD on/off (on song change) and a sleep timer for closing down Spotify.

rhiimoot also has a cache cleaning function. When you listen to anything in Spotify, it fetches the data online and then writes it on your drive. For example, you want to go back and listen to a song you enjoyed previously. It doesn’t go back online to obtain that data but will use the data written to your drive. This process is done for expediency and reduces your internet data usage, and inevitably this data collects over time. rhiimoot helps solve this through the included cache cleaning service.

rhiimoot is displayed from a small unobtrusive UI containing the essentials to simplify your Spotify session (along with a few cool extras) without needing that massive Spotify interface.

rhiimoot Features:

Jump to the previous track
Play/pause the current song
Jump to next track
OSD (on-screen display) on song change
10 themes
VU-meter in the main window
“Always on top” option for easy access
Works offline*
Update warnings
Cache & temporary data cleaner
Sleep timer for closing Spotify
Works with both free & premium versions of Spotify

download rhiimoot 4 Spotify

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