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Author: Liqube Audio
Size: 12.5 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: Win 10 / 8 / 7
Downloads: 3909 times

Resonic Player provides you with a well-rounded audio player designed to be visually dynamic and easy-to-use.

This media tool is a music player, directory player, and sample browser in one package designed around a big waveform view, a frequency analyzer, and a musical spectrum to provide a visual experience while listening to your music. See the vibe of the music which can be helpful anticipating a crescendo in a track before you reach it. There is also an event viewer mode (available for module music – like .xm) which will help you visualize note events grouped by track or by pitch. Other features include Playback Mode, Sleep Timer, Smooth Fade-outs, Taskbar Integration, and A-B Repeat (mark and repeat track locations).

While utilizing the player, you will notice a crisp and clear playback because nothing is between any decoded audio and sound output ensuring the highest quality possible for sound/sample previewing and audiophile audio playback.

Resonic Player is set up with ease of access in mind, so the interface is clear and functional. You can access items with a single click or use keyboard shortcuts for navigation. It also supports drag n’ drop as well as Unicode for cue sheets, tags, files, playlists, and interface translations.

There is a Pro version as well that includes some exclusive features like level metering and slow-motion track analyzer and can be upgraded to within the freeware version or by visiting the author site listed above.

Resonic Player supports the following file formats:

WAV — Wave (Microsoft), BWF, RF64
AIFF, AIFC — Audio Interchange File Format (Apple)
FLAC — Free Lossless Audio Compressor
APE — Monkey’s Audio
ALAC — Apple Lossless Audio Codec
WV — WavPack (also DSD-in-WV)
TTA — True Audio
DSF, DFF — Direct Stream Digital (DSD64/128/256/512)
MP3, MP2, MP1 — MPEG-1 Audio Layer 1,2,3
M4A, MP4, AAC — Advanced Audio Coding (MPEG-4)
MPC, MP+ — Musepack (MPEGplus)
OGG — Ogg Vorbis
OPUS — Ogg Opus
SPX — Ogg Speex
WMA, WMA Pro, WMA Lossless — Windows Media Audio
MP4, WMV, AVI (certain codecs)
MID, RMI, KAR — Standard MIDI File
IT — ImpulseTracker
XM — FastTracker 2
S3M — ScreamTracker 3
MTM — MultiTracker
MOD — ProTracker

download Resonic Player Beta

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