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Author: TunnelBear
Size: 45.6 MB+
License: Freeware
Requires: Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Android
Downloads: 11076 times

RememBear is a free password manager that can remember and auto-fill forms and designed with ease of use in mind.

RememBear comes from the same developers as TunnelBear, a freeware VPN. However, this is the best name for a password manager – ever. RememBear. Remember? We see what you did there, and we like it.

Installation was slow, but it appears this was due to the installer realizing we were lacking Microsoft .Net.

Password managers are a dime a dozen, and we’ve never been fans but only because we have hundreds and hundreds of them so we prefer one that can save and enter them as needed with our web browser. RememBear does this. It can also generate passwords and manage credit card information. RememBear uses 256-bit encryption and a master password.

Those using multiple devices will also appreciate that RememBear works with desktops and laptops, Google Chrome, Android, Mac, and iOS. Firefox and Safari versions are also in the works.

There are only a few password managers that can do what RememBear does, and they aren’t free. We think anyone looking for a freeware password manager will love RememBear. The password manager we currently use recently upgraded their interface, doing too much at once, and ruining the interface and ease of use that it used to have. We may consider switching to remember ourselves because it does use the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) interface we always appreciate.

download RememBear

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