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Author: Steve Chaison Software
Date: 01/05/2021 01:09 PM
Size: 624 KB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10
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Recently Created Executables Searcher is designed to help find recently created executable modules located on logical drives and can be considered an antimalware assistant.

Recently Created Executables Searcher works by identifying executable modules by binary analysis and allows you to export the found data to CSV file format so you can further investigate any suspicious .exe files dropped on your system. An executable file is in a format that allows your machine to execute directly. Most executable files found are safe, but these formats are commonly utilized to transmit viruses and infect computers with malware. Executable files should be scanned with up to date anti-virus software like Malwarebytes, and should not be opened unless the source is trusted.

Malicious programs sometimes download or drop additional executables, artifacts onto the computer. New malware threats and unsafe code can be used to target organizations or individuals and can be missed by antivirus products. Recently Created Executables Searcher will return all executables matching the path and date parameters you specify to inspect them further.

Recently Created Executables Searcher should be Run as Administrator for the best results. It allows you to go back 60 days and select the target to scan. The interface is straightforward, allowing any user to benefit from the data provided so they can further investigate any suspicious modules encountered as part of unwanted malware droppers, etc., and remove them with your antimalware software of choice.

download Recently Created Executables Searcher

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