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Author: Rudolf Henning
Date: 11/30/2020 03:49 PM
Size: 6.96 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 13208 times

QuickMon is a monitoring and alerting tool that allows you to monitor and alert on various resources and services both locally or remotely on 64-Bit operating systems.

QuickMon has many features including:

  • Polls resources on predefined frequency
  • Agents use a ‘plug-in’ architecture
  • Agents are (XML) config driven – Each ‘agent’ can be customized on its own
  • Collectors can service multiple collector agents – of different types
  • Collector hosts returns one of three possible states: Good, Warning or error
  • Several different notifier agent available for alerting
  • Each notifier can be set up to fire on collector states – e.g. only errors/errors and warnings
  • Groups of resources can be monitored (and alert on) as a unit – using Monitor packs
  • Parent Collector host specifies if child collectors get run based on specified ‘Check behavior’.
  • Collector hosts can run as a ‘different user’ (impersonation)
  • Alerting can be customized in several ways – like suppression, delaying, repeating etc.
  • Resources on remote machines can be monitored via remote host functionality if direct access is blocked (i.e., firewall)
  • Collector agents can be set to operate only in specified ‘service windows’
  • Collector agents can suppress/override polling frequency
  • Corrective scripts can be executed if collector returns error/warning
  • Monitor packs can be used in both a Windows client or a Windows Service

Version History for QuickMon:
Add option to ‘not check’ URL on exit(ok button) when editing config to Ping, Performance counter and file system collectors.

download QuickMon 5.2.1

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