download Pulover’s Macro Creator 5.3.9

Author: Pulover’s Macro Creator
Date: 01/13/2021
Size: 18.1 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 123 times

Pulover’s Macro Creator is an all in one script generator and automation tool based on the AutoHotkey language.

Pulover’s Macro Creator is chock full of options and features a large range of automation commands. It includes a built-in recorder and can capture inputs right from its interface. Macros can be executed directly from the program, or you also have the option to export them to an AutoHotkey Script format.

Pulover’s Macro Creator will permit you to record your keystrokes, mouse movements, and clicks relative to the displayed window or screen. You can also easily reproduce your macros via automatic window activation as well as pause and play them step-by-step. No more will you need to suffer through long repetitive tasks as you now perform them instantly by way of numerous customizable Hotkeys. If the process calls for it, you create multiple macros within a single project. Not only that, but you can run programs, read, copy, and delete files. But wait, there’s more! Pulover’s Macro Creator can also send texts, execute image searches, show message boxes, add loops, goto commands, and much more. It features nearly 200 commands and functions from basic to advanced automation needs, all at your fingertips, easily accessible from the interface.

Pulover’s Macro Creator will be your go-to for automating anything from simple mouse clicks to complex macros with additional loops and conditions. And the built-in Recorder will help you to create precise macros for the project at hand effortlessly.

Pulover’s Macro Creator Features:

  • Mouse & Keyboard Automation
  • Control Commands
  • Window Commands
  • Image & Pixel Search
  • Loops
  • If Statements
  • Variables & Functions
  • Internet Explorer & General COM objects
  • User-Defined Functions


download Pulover’s Macro Creator 5.3.9

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