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Author: PrivacyRoot, S.R.O.
Date: 02/15/2021
Size: 1.83 MB
License: Freemium
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 34595 times

Prevent Restore renders files and folders unrecoverable by using several security algorithms to ensure that nothing is left on the hard disk.

If you clean your computer’s Recycle Bin, the files and folders are not deleted forever. Anyone can use special recovery software to restore deleted data (files and folders) because the deleted file’s remnants still exist on the hard disk until overwritten with other data.

This program’s primary purpose is to make it impossible to recover files and folders deleted in the past. The program uses several security algorithms (DoD 5220.22, Gutmann, and others).

Prevent Restore can wipe deleted files on any disk, for example, USB flash, SSD, memory stick, or any other sort of removable disk (media storage). However, you cannot use it on CD (CDR, DVD) – such disks you should physically destroy to avoid any possibility of recovery. As an additional feature, the program can erase the paging file of OS Windows (virtual memory cache), which contains a cache of personal information, for example, usernames and passwords.

Pro version is $14.95 and additionally includes:

Choice of algorithm

  • You can choose the security algorithm for data destruction
    Delete the content of paging file
  • This option allows you to delete paging file of Windows which can cache passwords, browsing data and everything else.
    Access to defragmentation utility
  • We will provide you access to defragmentation utility which will make your disk work faster.
    Quick help
  • Priority support during working hours by e-mail
    Disable updates
  • You can disable automatic search and notification about a new version

download Prevent Restore 2021.01

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