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Author: Matthew Carney
Date: 02/16/2020 07:12 PM
Size: 101 KB
License: Open Source
Requires: Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista
Downloads: 4718 times

PowerPing is a command-line ping tool with detailed graph and statistical views to diagnose network issues, traceroute and more.

PowerPing is a portable, command-line based utility. It should be run as administrator and knowledge of switches is handy. Some of the switches you can use include:

–help [–?] Displays this help message
–examples [–ex] Shows example usage
–infinite [–t] Ping the target until stopped (Control-C to stop)
–displaymsg [–dm] Display ICMP messages
–shorthand [–sh] Show less detailed replies
–nocolor [–nc] No colour
–noinput [–ni] Require no user input
–timestamp [–ts] Display timestamp
–decimals [–dp] number Num of decimal places to use (0 to 3)
–count [–c] number Number of pings to send
–timeout [–w] number Time to wait for reply (in milliseconds)
–ttl [–i] number Time To Live
–interval [–in] number Interval between each ping (in milliseconds)
–type [–pt] number Use custom ICMP type
–code [–pc] number Use custom ICMP code value
–message [–m] message Ping packet message
–timing [–ti] timing Timing levels:
0 – Paranoid 4 – Nimble
1 – Sneaky 5 – Speedy
2 – Quiet 6 – Insane
3 – Polite

–scan [–sc] address Network scanning, specify range “”
–listen [–li] address Listen for ICMP packets
–flood [–fl] address Send high volume of pings to address
–graph [–g] address Graph view
–compact [–cg] address Compact graph view
–location [–loc] address Location info for an address
–whoami Location info for current host

If you run the executable, you are shown all the possible options above in detail.

PowerPing 1.3.1 download

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