download PotPlayer 1.7.21415 Beta / 1.7.21397

Author: Daum Communications
Date: 01/19/2021
Size: 27.6 MB
License: Ad-Supported
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 525331 times

PotPlayer is a comprehensive video and audio player that also supports TV channels, subtitles, and skins.

It is a much improved/faster version of KMPlayer, and it includes ffdshow and some other options for connecting to a Korean-only video/chat network. The UI is simplistic and, to the point, lending itself to smooth, and easy multimedia use no matter your skill level.

Adjustments to PotPlayer’s audio output can be easily tweaked through the provided equalizer and video output like brightness, contrast, etc., all achieved from within the control panel. Additionally, you can change subtitle screen positions, fonts and slow down or speed up audio playback at will. Once you’ve found an audio/video setup that you like, it can be saved for future use.

PotPlayer supports seamless playback (up to one thousand AVI/WMV/MKV/MPG files at once, mixed containers are allowed), auto-resume on the last 200 opened files, has fully configurable XML skin files, and also a D3D exclusive mode.

download PotPlayer 1.7.21415 Beta / 1.7.21397

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