download Picture Colorizer 2.1.0

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Author: ImageColorizer
Date: 11/29/2020 08:16 AM
Size: 41.1 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 1878 times

Picture Colorizer helps transform black and white images to color, and more.

You can use Picture Colorize to colorize and optimize your old black and white pictures automatically. Picture Colorizer also allows the adjustment of various photo parameters as well as apply filters.

Picture Colorize is easy-to-use; load your image, hit the Colorize! button and the process begins. The selected image is uploaded to their server (only kept for 24 hours), utilizing machine learning from the massive database of processed images. It is that simple. Now, it isn’t perfect, and you may not get flawless colorization, but you can adjust several different attributes to tweak it further. Finished images can then be saved in either PNG or JPG formats.

All in all, a good app for helping to colorize images in a very uncomplicated manner.

download Picture Colorizer 2.1.0

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