download PicoTorrent 0.23.0

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Author: PicoTorrent
Date: 11/12/2020 03:26 PM
Size: 5.35 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 14555 times

PicoTorrent is a BitTorrent client that is fast and light on memory usage.

It is the essentials of a BitTorrent client and includes only individually picked features, no ads, and is rolled into a native interface, ensuring that it has a seamless desktop integration. PicoTorrent is designed to be as simple as possible and is built directly on the Windows API for a familiar look to any Windows user; access to the necessary controls is contained within your context menu.

PicoTorrent will provide all skill levels a powerful but simple way to work with torrents.

PicoTorrent Features:

  • PicoTorrentCore now successfully builds on GCC
  • PicoTorrent now has a permanent peer ID (-PI-)
  • Shows a warning if a user tries to add a torrent already in the session
  • All dialogs are now centered horizontally on their parent
  • Add an overview page to the torrent details dialog
  • Add a WebSocket API
  • Add a storage mode option to the add torrent dialog
  • Add a ratio column to the torrent list view

download PicoTorrent 0.23.0

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