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Author: Heribert Cypionka
Date: 06/24/2020 08:06 PM
Size: 8.77 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 7036 times

PICOLAY is a free graphics utility that features the ability to perform various photo enhancements as well as permitting you to create 3D holograms.

For all the uses included with PICOLAY, it remains lightweight, but the small size is in no way an indication of its power. You can enhance your photos, generate MPO files (allows for any number of JPG files to be saved in an MPO file, but the most common use is for stereoscopic images), GIFs, and slideshows all derived via combined stacks of images.

Once launched, you are greeted with a simplistic interface consisting of three windows; one for the central functions – image list, stack operations, and options, the second is the selected image view, and the third is the image result. We noticed that some of the command windows, like the one for saving your work, were in German, but they were readily translatable – Nein = no, Ja = yes, for instance. It includes a manual which is available at the author’s website. And with so many features, it is a good idea to take a look.

PICOLAY permits you to:

  • Browse images of a list at constant position and size
  • Display images of a list as a slideshow
  • Generate an animated gif file
  • Cut the edges of one or all images in the list
  • Resize one or all images of the list
  • Rename images
  • Change the file format of images
  • Delete selected images from disk
  • Add or subtract images from one another
  • Convert colored images to grey scale
  • Increase sharpness
  • Increase contrast
  • Increase color saturation
  • Change gamma value
  • Change brightness
  • Add or subtract offset or percentage to the red, green or blue channel
  • Run a median filter over one or all images of your list
  • Rotate images by any angle
  • Flip images horizontally or vertically
  • Generate negatives of images
  • Select sharp areas from an image stack (focus stacking)
  • Select areas with a target color from your stack
  • Average images
  • Generate and insert intermediate images between the images of your stack
  • -Align displaced images of your stack concerning x- and y-positions
  • Harmonize brightness of the images in your stack
  • Set white balance of one or all images in your stack
  • Set a smooth background (flat field) by removal of disturbing items from your stack
  • Divide RGB values of images by those of the first image in the list
  • Generate a depth map of your stack
  • Generate 3D images from depth map and stacked image.
  • Generate red-cyan images for anaglyph goggles
  • Generate (2 or 4) separate images for a 3D observation with a crossed eyes parallel
  • Generate spatial projections of stacked objects from any angle
  • Generate 3D hologram views that allow covered structural detail display
  • Generate rocking and rotating animations in 3D
  • Generate 3D images for defined observation distances (viewing angles)
  • Let 3D images appear in front of or behind the screen
  • Paint on images
  • Blur disturbing details
  • Clone (= copy) parts of an image to other areas
  • Clone areas of original images to the stacked result (including depth map information)
  • Write text on images horizontally or vertically with any font and size
  • Draw a scale bar (rectangle with any color and size)

64-Bit Only


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