download PianoRollComposer 2 Feb 2020

Author: Doug Cox
Date: 01/31/2020 09:56 PM
Size: 348 KB+
License: Freeware
Requires: Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista
Downloads: 1157 times

PianoRollComposer is a MIDI Sequencer/simple DAW that you can use to compose, record, and play music.

The developer initially wrote it to compose music using orchestral instruments.

Notes are displayed in piano roll format; music looks the way it sounds. Notes from up to 16 different instruments can show together on the music staffs. (576 instruments/articulations, using 36 VST plugins or 36 instances of a VST plugin)

PianoRollComposer can send MIDI data to:

  • Windows, to play music using built-in instrument sounds.
  • SyFonOne (free), to play SoundFont instrument sounds.
  • VST plugins, which return instrument sounds for PianoRollComposer to play.
  • EastWest Player, Kontakt, or any software that plays its sounds and accepts MIDI input.



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