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Author: Nenad Hrg
Date: 01/02/2021 11:13 AM
Size: 185 KB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 1389 times

PhotoResizerOK permits fast and efficient photo size reduction.

Reducing the size of photos will help to free up precious space on your hard drive.

To use PhotoResizerOK, drag ‘n drop your target files onto the program or the program icon on the desktop and then press Convert. Once the photo files are converted, you can choose the folder where you want them saved. You can also drag and drop them directly from the list view into a Windows Explorer folder if desired. You can copy images to the clipboard by right-clicking as an image or Base64 string in the list view. You also have the option to add text watermarks to the images.

PhotoResizerOK is a straightforward utility to resize images and is displayed from a job-oriented interface. It will be comfortable in the hands of even novice users looking to save some space on their hard drives.

PhotoResizerOK Features:

  • Converting the images to other file formats
  • Freely selectable compression
  • Reduce the size of images
  • Very fast (> 1 GB / minute)
  • Optional multiline watermark
  • Also supports RAW images ( e.g. Canon camera)
  • Copies image information (EXIF, rating, etc.)

download PhotoResizerOK 1.04

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