download PDF Anti-Copy 2.5.2

Author: PDF Anti-Copy
Date: 03/21/2020 07:31 AM
Size: 14.0 MB
License: Freemium
Requires: Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
Downloads: 18802 times

PDF Anti-Copy prevents anyone from copying or converting your PDF documents.

PDF Anti-Copy accomplishes this by reprocessing all the words and graphics on any PDF page to secure PDF documents, without changing the original content format. Anyone who opens your PDF will be able to read it, but won’t be able to copy or convert it.

Protecting a PDF document requires that you select a file, the page, the output folder and hit start. Very straightforward and easy to use. It’s all laid out in the interface and has few other options you need to worry about. The help section in the program does nothing, but you won’t need it.

Pro version ($29.95) doesn’t leave a watermark on protected PDF documents, commercial use allowed, 24X7 Email Support, and PDF Protecting Consultation.



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