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Author: Orbmu2k
Date: 01/18/2021
Size: 143 KB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 196920 times

nvidiaProfileInspector is a small tool that displays hardware information for Nvidia-based graphics cards. Important features include; hardware monitoring, Core/Shader/Memory clock tuning, Fan Speed adjustment, etc.

Description translated by from German, so forgive any grammar mistakes:

A tool for reading all the information on the graphics card from the NVIDIA drivers and overclocking.

Actually, it should only be a tool to allow more detailed dumps of NVIDIA graphics cards to the GPU to improve Observer gadgets.

It is now, but a lot more to come, so I would put it to you as a standalone tool.

All data and functions of almost 1:1 come from the NVIDIA driver.

If something does not work, this is also a limitation to 99% of the NVIDIA drivers.

Functions that go beyond the capabilities of the NVIDIA driver will not be using this tool. It is, therefore, not “real” voltage-sensor evaluation on display through I2C, etc.


In addition to the graphics card information, the tool also the possibility of overclocking. It should be clearly stated that it can be physically destroyed by overclocking the hardware. But I take no responsibility, of course. Use is entirely at your own risk!

With the new generation of graphics cards from NVIDIA (Fermi), the GPU voltage for 3D profile fit is also possible. This is only for these cards from NVIDIA provided by the driver.

Additionally, it also allows the graphics card fan for many NVIDIA cards to control themselves manually. This can be helpful. Try overclocking a constant cooling accelerate.

Driver settings

With the new generation of 256 drivers, the profile system was upgraded with a corresponding API. Therefore it is now installed at 256 + drivers to adapt the games with the NVIDIA Inspector profile settings of the NVIDIA driver.

It can create new profiles, edit or delete existing ones. Profiles can also be imported and exported. You can also adjust all the settings available when these drivers are not on the “Control Panel.”


Since version 1.95, it is now a feature available to track the progress of the hardware sensors. This includes all supported NVIDIA video cards collected simultaneously in one window possible.

Moreover, the collected data to be recorded and saved as CSV.

Save energy when using multiple monitors.

Since the NVIDIA GDDR5 graphics card is used as a video store, there are limited power management features. If more than a single display with different resolutions/timings are connected to the graphics card, the drivers automatically prevent downshift in energy-saving “Performance States (P-States).

According to NVIDIA, the reason is a hardware limitation in the use of GDDR5 memory, which can cause a change of P-states to flicker. This issue is, therefore, not limited to NVIDIA graphics cards.

Unfortunately, the driver, the user, does not choose the flicker to be accepted instead of saving power. This fact has turned into a new feature, “Multi Display Power Saver.”

The driver is forced to do most of the low P-state change. Now you can configure applications that may change as an exception to a higher P-state. A modulation based on the current utilization is also possible.

This feature requires an NVIDIA graphics card with at least the following three P-states: P0, P8, and P12. The latest drivers are also provided.

download nvidiaProfileInspector

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