download NotepadX 1.7.40

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Author: Sönke Köhn
Date: 11/19/2020 02:28 PM
Size: 40.6 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10
Downloads: 472 times

NotepadX provides you with an easy-to-use text editor allowing standard text file creation and management.

With NotepadX, you will be able to create, open, and edit standard text files. Then the finished file can be sent directly from the NotepadX via E-Mail, or stored locally as well as uploaded online to OneDrive. It additionally includes various appearance settings to help make using feel more personalized.

NotepadX includes support for the three Windows control characters(CRLF), Unix (LF), and Mac (CR), as well as different encoding modes and line displays. In addition to TXT files, it also supports C, CFG, CSS, CSV, HTML, INI, JAVA, JS, LOG, PHP, SQL, SRT, VB, XML, and others.

NotepadX is a straightforward app that keeps it simple on the eyes with a fully navigatable UI for any level user while still allowing for some customization, making it a solid choice even in the saturated notepad category.

NotepadX Features:

  • Continuum-ready
  • Encoding in ANSI, UTF-8, Unicode and Unicode BigEndian
  • Choose between common fonts for displaying your text file
  • Open directly from other applications via File Explorer, OneDrive, or Outlook
  • Search and replace text
  • Open and edit multiple files at the same time
  • Working with tabs for quick access to your files

download NotepadX 1.7.40

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