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Author: NGINX
Date: 02/16/2021
Size: 1.64 MB
License: Open Source
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 4082 times

Nginx is an Open Source web server that can also be used as a reverse proxy, load balancer, mail proxy, and HTTP cache used on over 400 million websites.

Nginx basic features:

Serving static and index files, autoindexing; open file descriptor cache;
Accelerated reverse proxying with caching; load balancing and fault tolerance;
Accelerated support with caching of FastCGI, uwsgi, SCGI, and Memcached servers; load balancing and fault tolerance;
Modular architecture. Filters include gzipping, byte ranges, chunked responses, XSLT, SSI, and image transformation filter. Multiple SSI inclusions within a single page can be processed in parallel if they are handled by proxied or FastCGI/uwsgi/SCGI servers;
SSL and TLS SNI support;
Support for HTTP/2 with weighted and dependency-based prioritization.

Those new to Nginx can find Online Documentation here

Notes for Window users:

The version of Nginx for Windows uses the native Win32 API (not the Cygwin emulation layer). Only the select() connection processing method is currently used, so high performance and scalability should not be expected. Due to this and some other known issues version of Nginx for Windows is considered to be a beta version. At this time, it provides almost the same functionality as a UNIX version of NGINX except for the XSLT filter, image filter, GeoIP module, and embedded Perl language.

To install Nginx/Windows, download the latest mainline version distribution (1.1x.x) since the mainline branch of NGINX contains all known fixes. Then unpack the distribution, go to the Nginx-1.1x.x directory, and run Nginx. Here is an example for the drive C: root directory:

cd c:\
cd Nginx-1.1x.x
start Nginx

download Nginx 1.19.7

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