download Mue for Chrome and Firefox

Author: Mue Tab
Date: 04/12/2021
Size: Size Varies
License: Open Source
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 47 times

Mue for Chrome and Firefox provides you with a new image and quote each time a new tab is loaded.

Designed to offer something more aesthetically pleasing for your tabs. This extension/add-on gives you an inviting design geared at helping you focus on your work while still providing a feature-rich experience. The author was mindful in keeping the impact on your browser to a minimum while still allowing for a smooth user experience while browsing.

Mue’s settings feature an easy-to-use UI allowing you to fully customize Mue Tab, including background blur, search engine selection, personalized greetings, preferred displayed time, and much more. Mue can be used with Edge as well via Chrome download.

Mue, simply put, is a straightforward, low-impact tab customizer workable for any user with most any preference.

download Mue for Chrome and Firefox

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