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Date: 02/28/2021
Size: 62.9 MB
License: Open Source
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 13229 times

MPV-EASY Player is an Open Source movie player based on MPV.

MPV-EASY Player is designed to allow viewing of numerous types of movie files. One difference between MPV-EASY Player and MPV is it includes an interface allowing more efficient management of your files and videos. Other differences of note include auto volume, playback progress, history, resolution, among several others. It also includes many other settings that will augment and customize your experience while using the app.

The interface is pretty straightforward and permits drag n’ dropping of files. It also has a handy drop-down menu that eliminates the need for hotkeys like those required with MPV allowing for a more smooth and simplified operation.

MPV-EASY Player is a nicely presented media player that worked well during testing with no noticeable issues on our end.

download MPV-EASY Player

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