download Moopeg 0.2a

Author: analogue
Size: 64 KB
License: Freeware
Requires: Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
Downloads: 1322 times

Moopeg is a freeware multimedia player that can handle most music, video, and image formats while maintaining a small footprint.

During installation, you can choose to add a Start menu or Desktop shortcuts.

Moopeg is only 64KB and takes up very little space, or resources on your computer. While playing music, we only used about 3% memory and 8MB of RAM.

Moopeg supports numerous video, audio, and image formats, including AVI, MPA, MP3, MOV, MPEG, JPG, BMP, GIf, and more. MP4 is one of the unsupported formats.

You can open your media by using the File menu, or drag and drop your media into the application.

When playing music or video, you can Play, Pause, Stop, or Mute. By default, anything you open will loop.

We found that smaller images don’t seem to render well, while larger images render fine. You can zoom or view pictures full screen.

Moopeg uses:
win32 API
Third-party codecs installed on your system

Moopeg isn’t loaded with a lot of features, but no one will ever call it bloated. Moopeg is a perfect fit for older computers or operating systems that don’t have the power or resources to spare.

download Moopeg 0.2a

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