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Author: alexmalkovich
Date: 05/26/2020 07:31 PM
Size: 622 KB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 192 times

Monitor File Events is a portable system activity sniffer designed to determine file or folder changes.

It offers the ability to scan up to five different directories and their relative sub-directories. It also permits the use of search filters for directories and files for obtaining precise targets without causing issues within the hundreds of other processes in other paths not targeted.

The selected filters that Monitor File Events provide determine what you are watching and which events can be triggered. This process gives a unique insight even over what the Task Manager provides. Monitor File Events also allows for the quick inspection of the Directory with a double click on the Events or Processes displayed. You can additionally save log activities in * .txt format allowing for straightforward reading. This ability makes it easy to organize and compare the activities by time and scan due to the time-stamping for each line. One useful feature is the automatic saving of last User Settings – perfect for us forgetful users.

It does get several hits on VirusTotal due, in part, to the sniffing functions it performs.

Monitor File Events Features:

  • Watch Process: processes activity with any process association in run mode or background mode
  • Process activity split into columns: “ID” “PROCESS NAME” “EXECUTABLE PATH” “COMMAND LINE”
  • Events Folders & Files : “Name-Dir” “Name-File” “Creation-Time” “Size-Change” “Security” “Attributes” “Last-Write” “Last-Access”
  • Something is Changed: Occurs when a file or directory in the specified path is changed
  • Something has been Created: Occurs when a file or directory in the specified path is created
  • Something has been Deleted: Occurs when a file or directory in the specified path is deleted
  • Something has been Renamed: Occurs when a file or directory in the specified Path is renamed
  • Attributes: The attributes of the file or folder
  • CreationTime: The time the file or folder was created
  • DirectoryName The name of the directory
  • FileName : The name of the file
  • LastAccess: The date the file or folder was last opened
  • LastWrite: The date the file or folder last had anything written to it
  • Security: The security settings of the file or folder
  • Size: The size of the file or folder
  • Numerical counting of event activities based on the selected filters and running processes

Monitor File Events v1.03


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