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Author: Momentum Dashboard Corp.
Date: 11/05/2020 10:30 PM
Size: Size Varies
License: Freemium
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 508 times

Momentum for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge allows you to personalize newly opened tabs with a custom dashboard for your daily to-dos, the weather, and more.

It can be synced across your devices, so you always have it at your disposal no matter where you are. When you open up a new tab page, rather than being greeted by the chaos of the day, you can enjoy a moment of calm that may help inspire you to be more productive or, at the very least, give you a break. Momentum helps to inspire you with a beautiful daily photo and quote. From there, you can customize it by setting a daily focus, and you can track your to-do list. It also allows you to search and add quick links to frequently visited items, sites, etc.

Momentum is designed to rid you of distractions by reminding you of your focus for the day on every new tab opened. For instance, you need to finish the quarterly reporting for work or the soapbox derby car with your child – enter that goal, and it will remain visible to you every time you open a new tab keeping you on task and focused.

Momentum Features:

  • New inspirational photo and quote each day
  • Set a daily goal/focus/intention
  • Keep track of tasks with Todo list
  • See the weather and forecast
  • Links and search
  • Show bookmarks bar on new tab
  • Default Chrome Tab/Apps links
  • Customize the dashboard by showing/hiding widgets
  • Set your uptime and downtime with Balance mode

You can enjoy added customization, integrations, widgets, autofocus, multi-todo lists, and more starting at $3.33 per month.

download Momentum for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge

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