download MEGA for Chrome

Author: Mega Limited
Date: 07/02/2020 07:39 AM
Size: 7.54 MB
License: Freemium
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 13019 times

MEGA for Chrome is a functional cloud backup extension that provides solid security and privacy features.

You have the potential to utilize up to 4 TB of storage space, but initially, only 20 GB is provided after install with additional space being allocated as you add friends and use MEGA’S mobile app or sign up for one of the modestly priced storage plans. Any data that you choose to store is accessible anytime, and it is end-to-end encrypted, so only you control who has access to your data. There is also the option for secure collaboration where you can securely communicate and share data with your contacts, including real-time updates.

MEGA for Chrome also utilizes live encrypted backup that includes real-time file synchronization and versioning features, which makes sure that your data is safe and recoverable. Another convenience provided by this extension is that it will auto-capture any MEGA URL. This feature is intended to help improve download performance and reduce overall loading times.

Once you create an account, you get 50GB of storage for free. For $.99 plus you can get 200GB to 8TB of storage.

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