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Author: Luben Karavelov
Date: 11/24/2020 12:29 PM
Size: 12.8 KB
License: Open Source
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 575 times

Load Progress Bar for Firefox adds a minimalistic progress bar for each open tab while the requested page loads.

It was made with the inbuilt progress bar in Firefox for Android (codenamed Fennec) in mind. You can customize the progress bar’s color, size, opacity, and position (top/bottom), all of which are available from the add-on’s preferences section.

With this add-on, the whole thought is to replace the Firefox indicator dot on the tab next to the site’s name. This dot moves back and forth when you open a web page and stops when the page is fully loaded. That is fine and dandy, but it really doesn’t give you any indication of how far along the page loading actually is from being complete. Load Progress Bar does just that; it gives you a visual representation of load progress. Simple but useful.

download Load Progress Bar for Firefox

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