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Author: LizardSystems
Date: 11/24/2020 03:03 PM
Size: 3.56 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 26241 times

LizardSystems Terminal Services Manager shows which user is connected to the remote host, what processes they are running, and how much of the server resources (CPU and memory) they are using.

You can send users messages, disconnect them from the server, or connect to their sessions remotely.

With LizardSystems Terminal Services Manager, you can send bulk messages to users, disconnect idle users, and simultaneously end the sessions of multiple disconnected users. Terminal Services Manager allows you to work with several hosts at once. It also displays information in both table-form and by drawing graphs of CPU usage, memory, and other resources over time for each server, session, and user.

LizardSystems Terminal Services Manager Features:

  • Viewing users, sessions, and processes running on a remote host
  • Monitoring the resource usage of remote hosts per user, session, or process (CPU usage, Memory usage, incoming and outgoing bytes, handles, number of processes, etc.)
  • Managing users:
  • Connect to a user session
  • Disconnect a user from a session
  • Log off a user from a session
  • Batch log off or disconnect from the server all, idle or disconnected users
  • Remotely control a user session
  • Sending a message to selected users
  • Ending a process that is running

Free for non-commercial use with simple registration.

download LizardSystems Terminal Services Manager

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