download KillEmAll 21.1.27

Author: d7xTech
Date: 01/28/2021
Size: 6.89 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 7527 times

KillEmAll is a portable utility designed to kill all non-essential Windows programs immediately.

The full version features a standard interface with update capabilities, definition file capabilities, and you are shown what was terminated. The viewing allows you to inspect the running or terminated processes. KillEmAll will be useful for quickly closing unwanted apps, system inspection, as well as malware removal.

KillEmAll can close any open web browser windows for most users if you get a potentially malicious popup while visiting a website. There is a method here, as you should avoid merely closing or Xing out of the popup because malicious code can be run even if you click the X button since you might as well be hitting yes or OK in this malicious popup scenario. Using this utility, you are not clicking anything; KillEmAll does all the work forcing the processes to close minus any malicious code execution.

KillEmAll can also perform mundane tasks, quickly closing all applications before performing PC maintenance, general troubleshooting, or even playing resource-intensive games.

Version History for KillEmAll :
Updated KillEmAll to fix issues with not recognizing when it actually terminated a process.
KillEmAll no longer attempts (and fails) to terminate a few Windows Defender processes.
Several other minor issues under the hood were addressed.

download KillEmAll 21.1.27

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