download KeePass Password Safe 2.44 Professional / 1.38 Classic Edition

Author: Dominik Reichl
Date: 01/20/2020 11:45 AM
Size: 1.84 MB+
License: Freeware
Requires: Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
Downloads: 83501 times

KeePass Password Safe is an open-source password manager or safe which helps you to manage your passwords securely.

In today’s world, you can have hundreds of passwords for all your online endeavors. And remembering them all can be a task. KeePass Password Safe is designed to store everything from passwords, usernames as well as other fields, including free-form notes and file attachments inside an encrypted file. This encrypted file or database is encrypted using very secure encryption algorithms currently known (AES and Twofish). The database is secured via a single master key or a key-disk, so you only need to remember a single master password or by unlocking the whole database via the key-disk.

KeePass Password Safe also includes a password generator and synchronization function, as well as supporting two-factor authentication, and a Secure Desktop mode. You also have access to a two-channel auto-type obfuscation feature that can offer additional protection against keyloggers. KeePass Password Safe allows you to import from over 30 other most commonly used password managers.

If KeePass isn’t your thing, there are two forks of it – KeePassX followed by KeePassXC which is a fork of that fork.

KeePass Password Safe 2.44 Professional / 1.38 Classic Edition download

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