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Author: Nodetics
Date: 01/23/2021
Size: 814 KB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10|8|7|Vista|XP
Downloads: 918 times

Kanbanly for Chrome provides you with a unique way to Manage your Google tasks to-do list via a visual Kanban board.

Kanban boards visually depict work at various process stages utilizing cards to represent work items and columns to represent each stage of the process. Cards are moved from left to right to show progress and to help coordinate teams performing the work. A Kanban board may be divided into horizontal “swimlanes” representing different work types or different teams executing the work.

Kanbanly for Chrome will help you efficiently get things done.

By using Kanbanly Kanbanly for Chrome, you will have the ability to prioritize all your to-do list tasks quickly, limit work-in-progress to improve productivity as well as filter the view based on due dates or custom search strings.

Since Kanbanly uses Google Tasks API, you need to login to a Google account to manage your tasks.

Kanbanly for Chrome Feature:

  • Multiple color options for Kanban task cards
  • Drag & drop interface for prioritizing, changing phase, changing list, etc.
  • New tasks can be added directly from Gmail to your Kanban board
  • Supports multiple lists (projects) for managing tasks
  • Filter/search that supports regular expressions
  • Supports Reminders & Due Dates for tasks
  • Tasks can have tags, and you can search by using a tag
  • Filtering based on task Due Date

download Kanbanly for Chrome

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