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Author: Digital Ruby, LLC
Date: 01/09/2021
Size: 16.8 MB
License: Open Source/Freemium
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 1796 times

IPBan is a simple option for securing your machine while on the internet by blocking hackers and botnets via your firewall.

IPBan is designed to monitor failed logins and other bad behavior and then bans the offending IP addresses on Windows (and Linux). It is a highly configurable, lean, and powerful security solution to help keep you safe from malicious intrusion while online.

IPBan is capable of protecting RDP, SSH, and SMTP, as well as providing database protection for MySQL or SQL Server. Additional protections for systems that write to the event viewer or log files utilizing XML/regular expressions can be easily be added by reconfiguring IPBan’s file.

IPBan Pro introduces new features above and beyond the free IPBan, namely:

  • IPBan Shield: recent list, naughty list, and country block list, all update automatically and regularly.
  • Web admin utility and internal website GUI for easy configuration and administration. No more hand-editing XML. All clients configured from one UI.
  • Dashboard of recent activity, failed logins, successful logins, etc.
  • List of all machines in a table, with last ping date/time.
  • One-click installer, no more messing with Windows service or daemon files.
  • Shared IP address blocking with all clients in your data center.
  • Optional notifications via email for failed logins of known user names, blocked IP addresses, and successful logins.
  • World class customer support.

download IPBan 1.5.9

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