download Intelligent Standby List Cleaner Beta

Author: Wagnard
Date: 02/14/2020 07:37 AM
Size: 348 KB
License: Freeware
Requires: Win 10
Downloads: 23570 times

Intelligent Standby List Cleaner will monitor and clear the memory standby list when it is > 1000mb (1gb).

It was designed to solve the problem of stuttering in games when using Windows 10 Creator update and higher version of Windows.

Intelligent Standby List Cleaner comes as a portable executable.

The interface is simple to use. You’re shown the total system memory, standby list & system working set, and free memory. There are settings to automatically purge the standby list by defining when the list size hits a certain mark, and when free memory goes below a set point.

You can manually purge as well, and there are even some additional advanced options that most won’t need.

Intelligent Standby List Cleaner is free, portable, and easy to use. It silently clears the standby list, so you won’t even know it’s running.

ISLC v1.0.2.2

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