download Intel Setup and Configuration Software (Intel SCS)

Author: Intel Corporation
Date: 10/17/2020 12:54 PM
Size: 75.4 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10|8|7
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Intel Setup and Configuration Software is a cross-platform experience designed for securely discovering, enabling, and managing Intel features.

Run the Configuration Utility on an Intel AMT system to configure and create XML profiles. These profiles can be used to configure Intel AMT on multiple systems. You can then supply the profiles in the Command Line Interface (CLI) commands of the Configurator that will configure Intel AMT with the settings from the profile.

Intel Active Management Technology (Intel AMT) allows you to remotely access computers when the operating system is not available, or the PC is turned off. The only requirement is that the computer must be connected to a power supply and a network.

The Intel AMT environment includes:

Intel AMT Systems – Computers with an Intel AMT device. The Intel AMT device contains the hardware
and software that control the Intel AMT features. The device includes an Intel Management Engine
(Intel ME) and a BIOS menu called the Intel Management Engine BIOS Extension (Intel MEBX).
The Intel ME operates independently of the Central Processing Units (CPUs) of the computer.
Management Console – A software application used to manage computers in a network remotely. The
management console must include an interface that can use the features of Intel AMT.

Intel AMT devices are generally supplied unconfigured, so setup and configuration is the process that gives management consoles access to Intel AMT features. Intel SCS lets you complete this process.

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Intel Active Management Technology (Intel AMT)
Intel Setup and Configuration Software (Intel SCS)

download Intel Setup and Configuration Software (Intel SCS)

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