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Author: Software4u
Date: 01/22/2021
Size: 56.2 MB
License: Freemium
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 123463 times

iDevice Manager offers access to the device file system, creates its ringtones from MP3, displays SMS messages, plays music, and many more useful functions.

You will be able to look directly into your iPhone, iPad, and iPad Touch’s file system as well as upload/download files via USB connection without worrying about the file format. You can effortlessly use your supported Apple device as an external disk. It also allows direct access to photos, emails, SMS, and video directories of your iPhone, not to mention being able to easily copy emails, photos, SMS, and videos straight to your PC.

iDevice Manager will also allow you to create custom ringtones for your iPhone. With the easy-to-use ringtone editor, you will be able to utilize MP3, WAV, AIFF, and M4A audio file formats and will accurately cut any ringtone down to milliseconds. However, the song length is not limited to 32 seconds as it is in iTunes.

iDevice Manager Features:

  • Use of music, video, SMS, etc.
  • Browse the file system
  • Use as a solid disk storage
  • Save the contacts on PC – 50 in 7 days
  • Backup SMS, iMessages, WhatsApp PC – 50 in 7 days
  • Save notes to computer – 50 in 7 days
  • Transfer videos from iPhone to PC – 100 in 7 days
  • Transfer music, ringtones from iPhone to PC – 100 in 7 days
  • Transfer photos from iPhone to PC – 100 in 7 days
  • Create ringtones from MP3 – 1 per day
  • Add or change iPhone contacts * – 50 in 7 days
  • Transfer photos and pictures to iPhone * – 50 in 7 days
  • Upload videos to iPhone * – 50 in 7 days
    * Requires the free iManager app

The free version includes the features as listed above. Starting at $11.23 per year, you get the same features with no restrictions.

download iDevice Manager

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