download Hyper Plan 2.10.0

Author: Oryx Digital Ltd
Size: 6.43 MB
License: Shareware $40.00
Requires: Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
Downloads: 7000 times

Hyper Plan allows you to visually plan out all aspects of your life in a similar fashion to using Post-It notes, perfect for seeing the full picture of current and future tasks at a glance.

Hyper Plan is a simple, but flexible, visual planning tool which uses the same idea as sticking Post-it notes to the fridge or wall, the whole process will seem extremely familiar making it very easy to grasp and use.

You will be able to add as many properties as you need for your plan, e.g.: Name, Status, Start date, Person assigned to, Due date, Priority, Department, Budget. Whatever properties are important to you. Properties can be of type: Text, Number or Date.

Hyper Plan will prove to be your command center of total organization, and by employing it you should never miss, or overlook anything ever again.

Hyper Plan Uses and Features:

  • Cards: Typically you will want one card for each task or element in your plan. For example, you might want a card for “get a quote for website design”
  • Properties: Every plan has a number of properties. For example, “name”, “duration”, “cost”, “status”, “person assigned to”, “due date”. You can have as many or as few properties as you want. Choose whatever properties are important to you in your planning
  • Values: Each card has a value for each property. Values can be dates (e.g. “1/15/2016”), numbers (e.g. “10”) or text (e.g. “urgent”) or empty
  • Layout and color: Once you have added some cards and properties, you can quickly lay them out and color them in lots of different ways, according to their properties
  • Totals: You can easily displays totals, sliced and diced in various ways. A bit like pivot tables in Excel®, but much easier
  • Filters: You can control which cards are visible using simple or advanced filtering

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download Hyper Plan 2.10.0

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