download Hide Likes for Chrome and Firefox

Author: DK the Human
Date: 01/17/2021
Size: Size Varies
License: Freeware
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 13 times

Hide Likes for Chrome and Firefox allows you to rid your social media of likes so you can enjoy it without feeling rated all the time.

This extension/add-on is a great idea, especially for those that may put too much value on those metrics. With Hide Likes, you no longer need to see them allowing you to enjoy a more simple and authentic experience on your social media accounts.

Operation is simple once installed, hit the Hide Likes icon, from there you can select via toggle switch which supported site will show/hide likes.

Hide Likes currently supports Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, and Instagram. Some people are driven by obtaining a ‘Like” for a post they have made; while it is intended to be fun, some measure their worth on the amount they receive. You can free yourself from these social constraints with Hide Likes.

download Hide Likes for Chrome and Firefox

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