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Author: Saleen Software
Date: 01/28/2021
Size: 7.68 MB
License: Ad-Supported
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 11782 times

FolderSync is a multi-functional synchronization tool that will allow you to perform comparisons between directories and more.

FolderSync can accurately report and display new, updated, renamed, moved, and deleted files within the easy-to-read table, which can be easily used to perform differential or full backups.

FolderSync Features:

Performs comparisons between two directories
Reports new, updated, renamed, moved, and deleted files
Performs synchronization from the source to the destination path

Command Line Parameters:

+Identical : show identical files
-Identical : hide identical files (DEFAULT)
+New : show new files (DEFAULT)
-New : hide new files
+Deleted : show deleted files (DEFAULT)
-Deleted : hide deleted files
+Updated : show updated files (DEFAULT)
-Updated : hide updated files
+Moved : show moved files (DEFAULT)
-Moved : hide moved files
/filter : Include/Exclude filters
Supports multiple keywords and also exclusions.
To exclude a term prefix the keyword with a dash (-).
paint: lists all files that contain the word “paint”.
microsoft -office: lists all files that contain microsoft but not office.
artist1 mp3: lists all mp3 files that contain the term artist1.
artist1 -mp3: lists all files that contain artist1 but not mp3
/tolerance=N : modification date tolerance in seconds, where N is the number of seconds
/start_synch : automatically start synchronization
/auto_close : automatically close after synchronization

Free for personal use but does show in-app ads. Corporate users are urged to register the app for $20.00.

Editor’s Note:
If you download the portable version, the password is 1234

download FolderSync

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