download Flow Launcher 1.7.1

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Author: Flow Launcher
Date: 02/13/2021
Size: 78.2 MB
License: Open Source
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 1179 times

Flow Launcher is a portable, Open Source system navigation tool enabling fast search results.

Use Flow Launcher to search through system files, programs quickly and even perform online searches, integrating and expanding on functionalities. You can efficiently search for everything from applications, files, bookmarks, YouTube, Twitter, and more. All searches are performed right from your keyboard without the need to touch the mouse.

It includes several customization options like themes, open at last location, replacement of the Win + R shortcut, and more. Flow Launcher is perfect for anyone that consistently uses the Windows’ Run command. It also supports Command Prompt and Powershell Commands, making it a well-rounded search tool for any preference.

Flow Launcher Features:

  • Search for file contents
  • Support search using environment variable paths
  • Run batch and PowerShell commands as Administrator or a different user
  • Support languages from Chinese to Italian and more
  • Support of a wide range of plugins

download Flow Launcher 1.7.1

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