download FixMy10 2.1.4

Author: Devata Komputer
Date: 12/01/2020 02:06 PM
Size: 4.14 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10
Downloads: 16992 times

FixMy10 is a portable tool designed for fixing various common Windows 10 issues.

FixMy10 will help you correct problems with file associations, Windows functions, and restoring settings/registry associated with file associations and Windows functions that have been changed by viruses, malware, or other things that can potentially cause errors.

The interface is simple and function-driven, giving you quick access to the most common fixes for issues that may arise while using Windows 10. There are three main tabs to work with; File Associations Fixer, Restriction Fixer, and Advanced. The Advanced tab includes fixes for your desktop and File Explorer, including Explorer not starting. Options on the desktop icon settings cannot be changed, missing recycling bin icons, and reset folder view settings. Then as you scroll down, you reach Internet & Connections; this section contains fixes like Reset Windows Firewall configuration, Reset host file to default, Flush Windows DNS cache, along with a couple of other useful fixes. And then lastly the System section; here you can fix items such as a non-working Windows Search, replace missing Hibernate option to the shutdown menu (Tim covers how to do this manually, which is perfect for demonstrating further how FixMy10 cuts multiple steps out), System Restore not working, etc.

FixMy10 can help eliminate the need to manually fix many common problems, which can be complicated, especially for the more novice user. With this app, as little as one-click is all it takes.

FixMy10 Features:

Repair file associations
Helps you improve file associations and restore them to their original state eliminating errors when running files with certain extensions.

Improve Windows functions
Helps you fix Windows functions problems, including Task Manager, cannot be opened, System Restore cannot be used, among others.

download FixMy10 2.1.4

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