download Filelist Creator 21.1.21

Author: Stefan Trost Media
Date: 01/22/2021
Size: 1.77 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 1498 times

Filelist Creator allows you to create content-based lists for user-defined directories.

Files or folders can be drag n’ dropped into Fileslist Creator, or you can add them via the add files or search folders buttons. You have the option to determine which files/folders should be included as well as export format selection.

Filelist Creator includes many optional settings like allowing you to determine which columns are used in which form in the table; you can specify how the design should look like and beyond, you can adjust the output as you need it: as XLSX or ODS spreadsheet for Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice, as HTML website, as an image, a CSV file, or, of course, as plain text.

In addition to general file and folder properties such as name, format, type, size, path, path length, folder level, or number of files, there are also specific properties of audio files (like artist, title, album, track number, duration or genre), video files (such as width, height, duration, or FPS), images (like width, height, color depth, or resolution) or text files (encoding, BOM, line break type, number of lines or characters) can be listed just by checking the corresponding option in the columns list.

Filelist Creator is fully compatible with Unicode. This means that you can easily create lists of files that contain Unicode characters, and you can use Unicode in all settings, such as in the headings of columns. Even when you save your list, all common Unicode formats and the ANSI format is supported.

There is also an extensive Help section available at the author’s site. It is still pretty straightforward to utilize and generates the requested list type quickly (depending on the target selection size).

download Filelist Creator 21.1.21

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