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Author: G-92 Developers Group
Size: 5.98 MB
License: Freemium
Requires: Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
Downloads: 3759 times

File Protect System guards your files and restricts unauthorized access utilizing password protection.

The ability to protect your files is a great asset; File Protect System makes the process relatively simple allowing you to lock your files through a tasteful interface which doubles as a full-service file explorer where you can perform your day-to-day file activities. There are two options for file protection; user-defined password, and security via control string. To lock a file with a password, you will select the target file, enter the password and select an output name. There is also an option to change the protection settings located in the Tools section, from there you can change the protection settings and the destination directories. The control string method does not use a password. A control string is utilized to lock the selected information through which data is accessed. This method has a much higher degree of reliability than using a password. It is simple to implement and is fully automated.

File Protect System will prove to be a useful asset in protecting your files, and its relative ease of use will allow even less skilled users to protect their essential files like a pro.
– Free Edition – Limited Edition version. Used for educational.
– Light Edition – Personalized, accountant and law firms.
– Standard Edition – Designed for small and medium-sized businesses.
– Semi-Professional Edition – Used by hotels, development units, and software companies.
– Professional Edition – Focused on industrial processes and large data sets.
– Enterprise Edition – Used by industry and bank structures and corporations.

download File Protect System

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