download EXPERTool 11.2

Author: Gainward
Date: 12/01/2020 08:44 AM
Size: 4.43 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 11344 times

EXPERTool is a freeware tuning utility for NVIDIA graphic card owners to monitor, overclock, and update your BIOS.

EXPERTool does require installation but has a very cool, sports car looking interface. A glance around, and you can find an overclock button, saved user modes, memory and core usage, CPU temp, fan duty, and the NVIDIA control panel.

On the left, you can find settings, status, BIOS, restore, and info.

EXPERTool takes monitoring, overclocking, and BIOS updates and makes it simple for any NVIDIA user. We recommend users who want to overclock but are new to it to enable tooltips and research how far you can safely overclock. Becoming familiar with GPU and memory clock offsets is a good idea, so you don’t fry your expensive video card.

download EXPERTool 11.2

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