download Everything Toolbar 0.6.2

Author: Stephan Rumswinkel
Date: 02/06/2021
Size: 916 KB
License: Open Source
Requires: 10
Downloads: 4894 times

Everything Toolbar provides you with an easy-to-utilize Everything integration for the Windows toolbar.

Using Everything Toolbar allows you to locate files, folders, and more by name instantly directly from the Windows taskbar.

Everything Toolbar permits quick and simple file indexing, searching, and the ability to share files with others easily.

To use Everything Toolbar:

Extract contents
Run the install.cmd as admin
Enable EverythingToolbar via the context menu of the taskbar

Please note, you might have to open the context menu twice as it does not always show up the first time. This was the case in our tests.

download Everything Toolbar 0.6.2

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